the team

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managing partner

Air’s managing partner, jacki nicholas, is a leading practitioner in Asia Pacific.  She has built a first hand and in-depth understanding of the region, its countries, cultures, markets, people and issues.

air crew

Our qualified coaches and facilitators have been carefully chosen for their business acumen, intuition and professionalism.

We continually exchange new ideas and techniques to ensure the team remains at the forefront of coaching and thought leadership.

Coaching supervision, an international best practice, is a required discipline for all our coaches.

Air’s cadre of over 30 high calibre coaches have a strong professional mix of the following:

  • Successful corporate, public sector, consulting careers at senior levels in quality organisations
  • Operated and managed in multicultural environments preferably in the Asia Pacific region
  • Hold recognised coach training, qualifications, certifications and a demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development in coaching, leadership and related fields
  • Significant coaching hours and experience, at a level appropriate to the coaching assignment
  • Continuing coach-related professional development, including regular professional coaching supervision
  • A signed commitment to comply with the international coaching standards and ethics of a recognised professional coaching body.