coaching solutions

1-to-1 executive coaching

Currently the most recognised coaching intervention, 1-to-1 coaching provides a uniquely private and safe place to explore issues, challenges and aspirations.


group executive coaching

This involves coaching in small groups of executives who are at similar levels, and are facing related challenges and issues. It generally involves an intensive first day, followed by two to four shorter follow-up sessions that help keep the trust, commitment, behavioural change and actions on track.

For more information read The Air Institute’s 2008 Group Executive Coaching Survey and paper ‘Group Executive Coaching In Asia – Same same but different’.


high performance team coaching

Group coaching for intact senior teams consisting of three to ten executives.


intercultural onboarding™

1-to-1 or small group coaching for executives and professionals who are new to a region, country or culture.


executive onboarding

A 1-to-1 coaching programme for executives promoted to pivotal leadership, change or specialist roles. Focusing on how to hit the ground running, build relationships, thrive and make positive impact as quickly as possible within the first 100 or 200 days.


post programme coaching

Workshops increase awareness, introduce new knowledge, skills and concepts, and kick-start skill development and behavioural change …. but they’re not enough on their own. To imbed the new learning, people need ongoing support, practice and application of the new skill or behaviour when they re-enter the workplace.


fast track coaching

This shorter term coaching programme (usually over 3-4 months) is best utilised for follow-on to assessments, understanding feed back or for developing high potentials as part of a talent management programme.


career & transition coaching

Air offers career and transition coaching and is a boutique alternative to traditional outplacement programmes. We support departing executives with personalised assistance to consider and address their professional and personal alternatives and gain greater clarity and focus as they step forward in their career.


peer coaching

We teach executives to broaden their impact, learning and legacy as they build the processes, skills and confidence to mentor and peer coach others effectively.