Executive Coaching

“Jacki’s coaching and the resources she provided me with set me on a journey which changed my life!  She is very good at providing short, practical counsel that throws such light, hope and a way forward to a situation.  Your face will brighten, your heart lighten up, and you walk out of the room with a possible solution in hand for your situation which was once dark and hopeless.”
Director, Human Resources, Investment Bank – Singapore

“Jacki doesn’t give you the answers but helps draw the solutions from within by provoking self questions, introspection and a bit of soul searching. She is very easy to talk to, I find it very easy to open up to her and always feel re-invigorated and refocused after our meetings or discussions.”
Director, Credit Suisse – Hong Kong

“I highly recommend executive coaching and Jacki:

  • Life changing
  • Wish I had done it 3 years ago
  • Huge insights
  • No real substitute eg: coaching from colleagues
  • Adapted her style to fit with me eg: detailed, specific
  • Very practical
  • Really committed
  • Proactively follows through
  • Consultative questioning style.

Partner, Global Strategy Consulting Firm – Asia

“I’m heading into the conscious competence stage after paying particular attention to my conscious incompetence!  I even got feedback from people that have said that over the last few months they have seen some real positive change… I no longer trying to do everything and be all things to all people… I  look at things differently, from a bigger picture and certainly think a lot more long term.  As such I feel far more in control of my destiny.  Thank you Jacki!”
Director, Operations
, Investment Bank – Hong Kong

Facilitation & Training

“I particularly valued Jacki’s ability to draw out the participants and engage them, while clearly keeping the focus on the deliverables of the workshop.  Feedback from the team was very positive and we saw a distinct change in the behaviour of team post-workshop: proof of the pudding!”
European Investment Bank
, India

“I was particularly impressed by the total commitment and professionalism shown… and how quickly she was able to handle the technical and organisational terminology of our complex program – another sign of her focus and concentration… Jacki’s profound understanding of the dynamics of interactions among different cultures, personalities and team styles, and the supportive way she used this with the workshop participants was very important.”
Program Coordinator
, CGIAR Challenge Program of Water & Food – Sri Lanka

Coaching Supervision

“I was frustrated with my coaching and felt I was rusty, and not coaching ‘correctly’.   Jacki’s supervision was valuable, useful and insightful.  I cannot think of anything that was not beneficial – understanding the transference stuff; getting new ideas of tools and techniques to use with my clients; how to deal with feelings of ‘stuckness’; being in a state of neutrality …  Her powerful questioning helped me face how massive the impact my beliefs and behaviour had on my coaching.  It renewed my ability to add value to my clients and fulfil my dreams, purpose and income level.”
Experienced Coach – The Netherlands

“Jacki is patient, wise, able to hold the space well, and to keep one on track.  She is also able to pull out and draw attention to the key themes floating around in all the ‘blah blah’ that comes out of my mouth.  This is what I need a supervisor to do for me!  The experience was comfortable, reassuring and inspirational.  Jacki handles the balance of support and challenge well.  It’s so important to have a supervisor who can make you look in the mirror so that you see the ‘story’ you are making up around issues so that you can face your ‘stuff’.   She creates an emotionally secure environment, which in turn makes it comfortable to confront your own gremlins without feeling defensive…  Supervision is a necessary activity for all coaches and we need to devote time to this.  It helps to self-reflect and to work through doubts, insecurities etc.  Discussions about things like transference are very important because I don’t think many coaches understand or are aware of all the parallel processing that is going on.”
Experienced coach – Europe

“Jacki has an extraordinary ability to help me gain insights into my own areas of vulnerabilities in a supportive and empowering manner.  By being so gentle, perceptive, and accessible, she encourages me to embrace and work on issues with enough space for me to resolve them on my own and consult her where I need to.  I highly recommend Jacki to professionals who are truly interested in experiencing personal growth within the context of organizational roles at the deepest level.”
HR Director, coach & mentor – Asia

Group Executive Coaching (GEC) participants

  • “Significantly better than my high expectations. Probably one of (if not the most) useful days of my career.”
  • “It’s been one of the best coaching sessions I’ve ever had.”
  • “Everyone gave their views freely.  This is a result of an open discussion facilitated by the coach.”
  • “The coach was very open. She’s a great facilitator – encourages openness as well as participation.”
  • “The whole session was very positive, constructive with sincerity, openness and effective.”
  • “Highly skilled and a very enthusiastic coach/facilitator.  She added immense value with her vast and varied experience.”
  • “Great experience of diving deep into yourself.”
  • “Very powerful process – self profiles made it easier to share results.”
  • “Absolutely great!”
  • “Our coach has a good sense of humour and is warm, so built up our trust quickly. She created a safe environment very quickly and effectively.”
  • “Insightful and perceptive. Her experience shows through!”
  • “The coach gave excellent feedback.  Kept good discussions in the team.  Kept constructive discussion.  Perfect time keeping.”
  • “Our coach is splendid.  She is able to open up our members to share experiences both good/bad with each other.”

Coaching Lab™ participants

  • “It makes me feel much less alone – that other managers experience similar issues.”
  • “This [session] has cemented how I have been feeling all along the process… This process allows us to open up our mind, park our presumptions and judgements, and get more transparency.  This emergence was very powerful.”
  • “It’s been a revelation from my perspective.  I went into it to improve my questioning style and how to motivate people in my coaching.  The whole empathising approach and understanding people is so powerful I now use it regularly.  I used to be an advisor / lecturer.  Now I hold up the mirror and let them use it.  You can even use it with bosses and across the organisation.”
  • “I’m finding that I am coaching on a much more regular basis. I used to shy away from having to coach as I was not confident with my coaching style… I find when a subordinate has a problem and puts me on the spot to coach, I’m able to easily coach the person immediately, without having to spend time preparing myself for it in advance.”
  • “I’ve been blown away!”
  • “I’m approaching coaching with more confidence and consciousness. I am coaching more than before the course, I am conducting it with all of my team, the coaching has improved the outcomes of immediate needs.”
  • “It would be a big shame not to continue this.  We have to find a way!”
  • “I’ve gained a great deal from these peer coaching sessions, especially the ability to look at issues/situations from a completely different perspective.  Many thanks for the great way you’ve been facilitating these sessions, it’s been a great learning experience.

Speaking Engagements

“I would like to thank Jacki very much for doing such a fabulous job last week with her presentation on Executive Coaching.  We have received an overwhelming response from the participants.  They truly appreciated your candid responses, your in-depth knowledge of the industry and your warmth and friendliness.”
PrimeTime, Singapore, 2008

“I still remember your session and the life you brought into the last session of the conference with your amazing style!”
MBTI Asia Conference – Singapore, 2008